Whose patients benefit s3e? Be sure to know the important thing today

♦ Headache: The survey by the National Survey of S3e Attitudes and Lifestyle shows that migraine headache disease patients have shown regular S3e to be beneficial. Asking about less than 5 times the S3e have brought out new facts that are migraine.

♦ Blood pressure: High blood pressure patients have also shown that regular S3e is beneficial. Researchers claim to have high blood pressure control during regular S3e. The researchers have said that prostate cancer-men who have S3e will reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer does not have any significant risk for 21 times or regular S3e in the month.

♦ From obesity: Regarding regular problems is also considered good to those who are suffering from obesity. Researchers say that regular sexually reduces thickness than any exercise

Low risk from pneumonia: Studies have shown that risk of heart attack will also decrease due to S3e. Due to regular S3e, keeping the body in balance between estrogen and testosterone, doctors say less heart attack.


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