With Susma Karki Interview

Sushma Karki, who has been found in Nepali film world, has been present alone. She is alone with the love of Narain Shahi of Karki, who has not made the body of sexy women who do not have to go back to bed in the movie.

Kakki and Naren, who lived together for the past one year, had gone along with Thakkuk hills, Guigui halls, as well. Karki of Nami, who was living as Livelihood Together, was also associated with director Sudarshan Thapa. Before the Naran, with regard to Direction Thapa, the market was very shaken.

Karki himself is also the only reason why the relationship with Narain is not to be broken. She herself has started walking with other boys, and she has not been able to take a decision to leave Sushma from the same habit of Karki. Sushma of the temples remained in favor of living in colorful life and the relationship between the other boys is seen as a result of the scenes of Narain Sushma.


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