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The Nepali chelyy giving employment to two dozen youths in Korea is real to all of them surprisingly

Among those renowned women, Ruby M. Gordin, Elin Davo, Selma Williamson, Tejiana Diaring Aid, with their respective work done by her respective community, region and nation, I am getting a dream that she should not try to become even though she can not become her, but she has not achieved the dream of success. I […]

A woman who lives in America requests ‘I want to marry’ A good boy wants me to see all the details!

I work in a heated in America. There is a pistachio in Kathmandu. Due to the lack of home rent, we were grateful for the earnings of two older people. One day, Mr. K.K. Saunner came to know, and only a few days later, he got out of America. From that day, my husband started […]

North Korea listened to the gift of sending gifts to America, …

A top official said when the hydrogen bomb test conducted by North Korea a few days earlier, there was a stir in the international world, saying, “We are ready to send more gifts to the United States.” The North Korean ambassador Han Tai Song told the United States that after the nuclear test conducted by […]

Will Korea come back do something in Nepal?

Oh yes On the first day of the company’s departure Flute and chemical smell that breaks the intestine through the sound of the machine and whiskey nose. It did not seem to work. How to learn work How to do How to run with machine and mix in the company environment? How can the tongue […]

Sagar Ale Performance

As mentioned earlier he began his singind career as an singing student in his town and today he has been able to rise so high with his great skills and talents. He is one of the open minded person who loves to entertain user with his sense of humor and also he is one of […]

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