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Sell sales of cooking gas

Today, the seller of Morang has stopped supplying gas sales to the demand of the increase in the consumption of gas-cooking gas. The seller has opposed the shop and shut down the shop and puts the key to the district administration office in Morang. According to the Nepal Gas Gas Supply Company, the gas industry […]

Hans Sports Mits started at Pokhara With teacher

Chairman of the District Sports Development Summit, Yam Bahadur Gurung, Coordinator of Pivansen State No. 4, Harsharan Wagle of Pokhara Branch, Harsharan Wagle coordinator of Rupots Mithka coordinator Ramakant Baral, Haseen Kaski Vice President Yam Bahadur Rokka, Secretary of Kisaki, in the program chaired by Hissan Kaski President Ramji Sharma. Divakar Jaashi, Chief Purpose Infrastructure […]

21, a girl who wanted to have a beautiful girl, gave a statement in the magazine

The phone got up while 9 843284242 did not reach 3 bells over the mobile phone for mobile phones. “Listen to the voice of the man! Hello! Asked – where are you? Morang District Which place in Morang? Dulari VDC This page has been printed in the classification display of page 11 of Kantipur daily. […]

Rajesh Hamal Speaking English

Even when searching for a lightning in Pale Cine world, it was hard to find a educated hero hero. Some of them were SLC failures, but there was a hero in the same flute Rajesh Hamal, who was a cousin with each region. Hamal, who has completed his studies while making India India, has studied […]

When faced with the question of childhood, Rajesh Hamal said that … all over the world

Hanaik Rajesh Hamal passed away the question of marrying a couple of years for marriage. Due to the long-suffering of the lover’s honeymoon, the children have not begun to ask for the same. When is the child now the child? Whatever others have questioned, Rajesh has drowned Shrimit Madhu Bhattarai in deeper love than ever. […]

Linear Thapa, millions of earned actress, stole three rupees

Actress Rekha Thapa has celebrated 34th birthday on her father’s face. The line has celebrated its birthday while organizing special programs in Kathmandu. The line did not cut the 34-year cake in the presence of cinematographers and journalists near the family. The actor Aryan Sigdal Smt. Dreamy Bardari, along with a special feature of the […]

These 6 of men talk very young to every young woman, and they get a curse

The boy is the art of attracting any girl to herself. Everyone does not have such art. But to attract any woman, there is no special blessing. There should be some qualities in the boy that every woman likes. If any girl watches you, do not worry, it’s only important to make some improvements. Here […]

One of the most painful problems caused by another bridal disease in the ferry syverya

Shweta Khadka, along with husband husband Krishna Shrestha, came to the curtain for the last time. At the time when the husband became late, she was in pain. The audience gave the audience significantly. The movie was a sympathy in the name of Shweta, the acting artist who won the mind of his viewer also […]

Read a lot of horrifying love stories, even if it is busy, read it for two minutes

Whatever you are doing, you should read. Love is a blessing. It is natural to love one another, but it is a very big mistake to love blind people .Sometimes, what is learned from a few days ahead of the survey is that the love of school college is affected in more love. Which was […]

Marriage with a 18-year-old girl’s dog, born all over the world

The villagers have got married to the dog to make a woman lucky by being unbelievers in India .Just married to 18 years old woman of Mangli Munda, in a very backward village of Gharakhand, has got married to the dog. The marriage ceremony between the family is complete and this marriage has been done. […]

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