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True lover! Rajkumar Tamang, who was mad in love with a woman, got on the road

Believing that news is for everyone and all the people have an equal right to receive true and factual information at anytime, anywhere.We are a team of dedicated, vibrant, professional, experienced and energetic people putting our efforts to set new dawn in the field of online journalism. We aim to bring the reality accessible for […]

Easily know WiFi’s password – Mobile is kept hidden on this password of Wi-Fi

Sometimes you go to your friend’s home, or have friends at home around friends, they do not tell you the password of Wi-Fi, but they do not know what’s Wi-Fi’s password for, for some reason, on the mobile, without having to pass a password, If the problem comes and the mobile formatted, the password of […]

Women want their men to do so / every man should look at once

Modern marriage is filled with various types of changes and difficulties. The old life, which is going on towards the new life, is abandoned by the old traditions, is engaging with a strange pastor. Where husband and wife are not able to please each other. How to enhance mutual love in husbands and wives is […]

21 year old girl needs a boy

The phone arose when the mobile phone was not over 3 bells in the tube. “Listen to the voice of the man! Hello! Asked – where are you? Morang district .Which location in Morning? Dulwari VDC .Why? Those men asked. A, A, I had seen the advertisement in Kantipur and called. He said – yes […]

Anuvag Regmi Child Actor

Regmi, born in Kathmandu, on 20th August, is a very popular teenager of Nepali movie. He has got a famous film like Radiam, Kali, and has won the movie from Visa Girl. She does not listen to the film and she has been shown in the main actress Lai Naa Naa Na Na Na Na […]

Very poisonous in the voice of Damodar Bhandari and Naveena Ghising

Kathmandu. In today’s publication of Nepali folk and dual song music, original music songs are being exposed, in the presentations of the coincidence Music Solas Prayli, the video of Boll’s song has been publicized today. There is a lot of talented artists like Dododhar and Naveena Ghising in the market as a joint presentation. The […]

Today Shri Bishnu will write to God, your day will be successful

Singer Rajeshpalik Mahakai did not think that, she would get such a big surprise in life. In the same year she had to concert in America to concert, America’s journey remained a bit different and important. He was the Mayor of Rochester City Lavley Warren, the deputy of the doctor. Cardiff El Alexander respected such […]

Home family respected by second marriage: Sarita Lamichane …

There are many couples who have not been able to survive long-term chariots in the movie area. In such a way, artist Sarita Lamichne and director Rishi Lamichhane have become generous for all of her family life trips. Their 9-year-old daughter is married to the 20th year of marriage. Both of them are active in […]

Such men get such a wealthy wife!

Each person has his own desire. Such wishes may appear from time to time. Often, every man wants the same, beautiful wife. But it is not necessary that everyone wants this wish. It also affects our fate to some extent. That is, according to the zodiac sign, it is also mentioned in the scriptures that […]

What are the 10 funny artists, what do you do?

In a few years in the discussion, laughers are more in the artists of the capital. Most lucrative teachers have lamented the audience in the capital. Most often have got involved in their private cars. After such success, their spouse is equally handsome. The wife of the lucrative person who has been supporting every moment […]

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