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The record ‘Bahubali 2’ is recorded, the Tamil film ‘Viveham’ has a new record

The story of ‘Bahubali 2’ of SS Rajamouli, is recorded by the Tamil film ‘Vivegam’ of South Indian superstar Ajit Kumar. In 4 days of the release, it has broken the record of ‘Bahubali 2’ and has created a new record .The movie has consumed a bumper on the first week in the Chennai box […]

Heroin remedies 20 million, heroin worth 2 million! Why is the hood in the repayment of heroin heroin?

Kathmandu, September 24 Even in the South film industry like Bollywood, hundreds of films each year also remain. Like in the south, most of the films in the south are male-centric. That is why the male actor’s salary is much higher than the female actor. Why is there a lot of digestive revenues compared to […]

Do not worry! These are, who are the ‘photocopy’ of the priceless KCK of these young men?

Kathmandu, Kartik 8 – Due to Chakleti and Korean face, the young star protagonist Pramod Prakash is sitting in the box of millions of young women. Moreover, even millions of women get a glimpse of the precious perfume. So far, he did all the movies that he acted in that hall, Jerry, Dreams or Garjalu, […]

Such video (including video) outside Sagar, Suraj and Kejan of Nepal Idol

Sagar, Suraj and Kengal among the competing players of Nepal Idal have been acting in a promo shooting in Sintang. Because of the program going to Australia, they can be seen by building a video to build their video to know their discretionary. How are you doing in the video below, shooting the promo? To […]

Me With My Vinaju

A frustrated while coming back from college to home from a friday evening. Microwave, and city bus to reach home, was shut down by all. I did not have an hour walking tour. So, I was standing at the bottom of the taxi. A woman came to Aadmi. Looking forward to me smile smile. I […]

The history of film sector, Palta Rudaparaya, followed by Hindi film itself and found many fans of love in three days.

Kamal Sargam Kathmandu. The film has been tagged in the halls by the film-based film Rudrapapala, while challenging Nepali cinema at the moment by following the Hindi movie. The movie Rudraparia has played an episode in the whole country since the day of Lakshmi Puja. There is a crowd of viewers in all the halls […]

Sagar says what is the first song “Sagar Ghurki Kanani Nani”? (Including video)

Sagar is now very busy with the country’s mandate for the program. Sagar Aalam, who was out of the top 4 of Nepal Id, is now increasing the popularity of Buddha, marks and Pratap’s 3 winners of Nepal Idol. Dhany Sagar’s talent has just recorded the song “Para Ghakki’s younger grandmother”, who has come to […]

The foreign tourists in Pokhara are the brothers

(Rasas) Western tourists visiting the Pokhara, have been vaccinated today, while the Western Hotel Association Pokhara has organized the Festival of 11th Brotherhood this year as well. In the festival held in Child Care Center, Butterf, located at Lakeside-based Lalupta, Pathak, Pokhara, ‘Save culture, promote tourism’, 35 people of different 12 countries were vaccinated. In […]

Watch Late Prince Dipendra Dancing On Folk Song

Late Prince Dipendra Shah was one of the most popular and liked Royal family member of Nepal. He used to behave like an ordinary man which is justified by this rare video. In this video he is singing a Nepali folk song. He was killed in Royal Massacre of 2001 including all his family members.

Ranju Darshana Making sellroti

In this video you can see Ranju Darshana making sellroti and selling to the peoples. Ranju Darshana is a youth activist and young politician of Nepal. Active in youth politics from 4 years Darshana became an iconic person after her candidacy for the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City in the Nepal Local Level Election 2017.

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