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Nepal Idol, such audiences of Buddha and Pratap (including video)

The friendship between Buddha, Buddha and Pratap can be seen. The program of Nepal Id in Urbabari has shown their friendship with all the three people in the program. After completing the finals of the Napoleon Final, the contestants have closed all the competitions. Buddha Lama I, Prakash Bhattarai second and Pratap Das are already […]

In the concert of Buddha Lama won by 200 million votes, the maximum of 200 viewers (including video)

Pokhara-Nepal Idal concert has been held in Pokhara on Saturday. Evening Companion Mantage International has organized this concert in collaboration with Jute Dutamam of Pokhara. The first runner-up Sangh Joshi was presented with the first Runner-up Mark Bhattarai, second runner-up Pratap Das, including Nepal Idol-winning Buddha Lama. According to the incident, the organizer said that […]

Teriya magar Will Dance In Canada

Their voice will be forgotten to hear the sound of the sound … let the ghost sing as usual

Presentation to Scottnapal “Hello Butwal” program Hello, Butwal has been increasing the popularity of the program, which has come from the past few months since the past few months through the ScanPalap Dat Scan of Online Paper. The program will operate the program as well as the most prestigious and most prestigious guest of the […]

Five Paragliding Meet An Accident In Pokhara Due To The Wind Dis-balanced

At least five persons including a paragliding pilot were hurt in a paragliding accident at Phewa Lake in Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan city, on Monday. Inspector Basanta Sharma said, the accident occurred during takeoff when the pilots failed to coordinate with passengers and the wind turned disbalance. Though all passengers and pilots were rescued by Nepal […]

Why Paul Shah Rejected Aliza Gautam’s Film ?

Actor Paul Shah has shared his view regarding his name being misused by someone and has cheaten Paul’s fan. Paul Shah also shares that he don’t have problem when someone opens his fake account but he requests not to cheat other by his name. Watch the video interview with Paul Shah right here:

Watch About ‘Bhai Tika’ Of This Year

On the 21st of October, as part of the Tihar Festival, men visit the house of their sister’s, where sister put a tika or mark on his forehead and a garland around his neck. The men then touch the feet of their sisters and whereby grand meal (shelroti, sweetmeats and other eatable things to eat) […]

After not being able to hold a seam in Malaysia’s presence in Malaysia (including video)

Sagar came to be a competitive contestant of Nepal Idol. Even though the oceans are fourth, they are now very popular in the middle of the audience. Sagar has arrived in Malaysia for a full time program in Korea. What kind of presentation are you doing in Malaysia? The presentation of the ocean can be […]

Susma With Salman Khan

Sushma Karki, at the moment, is not often looking at the movie, she is now trying towards a Bollywood movie. We can just pick it up after publication of the photo shoot with Salman Khan. When he shared a photo with Salman, after having public relations in his Facebook, some good feedback have come to […]

Watch a recent telephone conversation with Deepak

Diplak Managne is a possible candidate for regional election from Manang. He is known as a political activist since so long. He also accused by his criminal background. Here is a news operation of some doubtful matters about Dipak Manage. Sidha kura janta sanga is a very popular show in news 24 conducted by Rabi […]

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