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Do not drink milk with this foods

Milk is a white liquid which contains calcium and valuable nutrients.Milk has long been seen as a healthy drink, because it is high in a range of nutrients.Milk is also good for the bones.Cow’s milk is a source of potassium, which can enhance reduce blood pressure.But do not drink milk after this food,its like a […]

Natural remedies that stop to adopted in pregnancy in the village, share for information!

1) Neem oil: Sperm is the power of nicely used oil. Before using it, it is less likely to be pregnant. 2) Straight salt: Keeping the ripe salt mixed with sesame oil before taking an oath does not prevent pregnancy.3) Seed of Papaya: Consumption of it at the time of relay is less likely to […]

Be aware! Eating too much sour may bring such a problems

The beauty is such that whoever gets attracted from. We are proud of beauty. There is no one who likes to enjoy beautiful and good things. But our beauty is not allowed to be black. It has also caused us to become mentally troubled, worried. Black potato (Chaya), which starts looking at the back of […]

Amazing benefits of eating fried garlic: Make fine from tooth ache to diseases of stomach…

Every food is beneficial for us from one side. The taste will increase if we add some garlic in any curry. Not only in curry but also beneficial for our health. Fried garlic is more beneficial than the raw one. Especially it is profitable for male. These are the benefits of garlic.1. Maximum stamina: Fried […]

What will happen in the continuous consumption of ginger? 10 effects in our body

Ginger is in the world’s tasty spices. A few decades back, the ginger has been used as a medicine. Here are 10 benefits of ginger, which inspire the ginger used globally to participate in regular food.1. Ginger reduces all the diseases of the patient – the ginger helps to reduce the vom!t, the pregnant woman […]

Have You Donated Your Blood? There Are The Benefits

Blood Donation has been saving many people’s lives in a year. Human blood could not make, so people donate blood and humans are the source of blood. So you also donate the blood. All know that blood donation saves the lives of many people, but you know, there are benefits of blood donation. These are […]

Do you like to blend? 3 simple and wonderful remedies that make your face change

On TV, magazine, and radio, we have been watching and reading the advertisements of whitemics and accessories for most of the blond and bright skin. Is the beauty so expensive? So many wonderful scenes in this regard were so beautiful because of these organizational and proven products? In fact, many things are hidden in nature […]

Make a Face Clear

Looking at a glance, everyone’s eyes are in the face first. If someone’s face is shiny, weakened, and someone’s unwanted rumors and throat are becoming obstructive. Such a process can be taken by removing untouchable trunks in one day, to bring a bright and clean face – Content Cotton, butterless, gram flour Treatment – Make […]

Why Womens Wear Bra?

Often all the women / women of the world have made bra. But they are not surprised that they wear bra. These are usually the things. A study showed that when women leave them bra, they have become self-sufficient when they leave the brass, but they have shown similar open and independent feelings when they […]

Be careful in these before your blood test

Prithvi Vikram Khadka, Lab technician, Shukraraj Communicable disease Hospital You need to have some rest before blood test and run the process according to your disease. To test lipid profile, fasting blood sugar you need to stay 8 to 10 hours without drinking water.You should not eat diet that contains protein while checking uric acid. […]

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