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Scorpio Jeep climbing DIG for the son of Home Minister Janardan Sharma

The police, however, have not stopped the police, but also the government, a body under the control that the minister should reach the buses for personal work. Scorpio vehicle, which has been provided to Home Minister Janardan Sharma, has made wounds for the moment, sometimes it is easy to walk in a non-flagged vehicle. On […]

Kathmandu’s new bus came from Kathmandu, news about the happiness of millions of Nepali people

The Grand International Hospital has started free consultation and health services in New Barkark, targeting the traveler and driver coming from a long journey .The hospital started collaborating with the High Court of India for the five year anniversary and has started the health care center today. With the start of service center, patients will […]

All communist forces to become one

CPN-UML senior leader Jhalanath Khanal has said that Pushpa Lal was a common leader of the communist movement. Inaugurating the fifth annual general meeting organised by the Pushpa Lal Memorial Foundation here today, the former Prime Minister said all the communist forces should come together in order to realize the dreams of the late leader. […]

Encourage the parties to meet the formation of National Assembly

President Vidyadevi Bhandari has said that consensus and cooperation should be made between the parties for the formation of the National Assembly. In the meeting of President of the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Upendra Yadav and Deputy Chairman, Mr. Rajendra Shrestha, in the office of Soft residence, he called for the parties to join together […]

Why did the police arrest Sandyu Luintintel from a sleeping spot?

Police arrested by beautiful girl Sanchita Luuntel from Jhapa. Police arrested the heroine busy in the shooting of ‘Radha’, police said. Police arrested Hattadi Sending a photograph that was taken by the sensitivity, why the police arrested the person who did not want to open it. She has told that the story of the film […]

Inter-government and coalition intervene with the government unable to disable the government! Army rule without a monarchy (including video)

In the request of the petitioner, Gyanendra Shah, as a Nagarak and former jurisdiction, have filed separate petitions and petition filed by the Nepali army. It is said that, “All the temporary teachers in the tent of the king were given permanent opportunity, but the present-day democratic government, Advertisement was not held in 2073 and […]

With Whom did deepa Shree Maried

Deepshree Nirula, director of comedy artist and super hit movie ‘Chakka Panja’, has seen the bride’s dress on Tuesday. They had a bridegroom together. This is the scene of the Ram Temple of Chhattisgarh. Where Deepalpindi Nayak Sanjog Koirala was the bride. However, it is not for real life. During the shooting of a tiger […]

Kampilvastu community school closed due to cold water

Due to rising temperatures due to the rising temperatures, the schools of Kapilvastu have been left for the past two months. According to the educational calendar, after completion of the annual examination, the source of Towlawa source center, cold devotees, said goddess Ishesh Chandra Gupta. According to School Inspector Khim Bahadur JC, District Education Office, […]

Home family respected by second marriage: Sarita Lamichane …

There are many couples who have not been able to survive long-term chariots in the movie area. In such a way, artist Sarita Lamichne and director Rishi Lamichhane have become generous for all of her family life trips. Their 9-year-old daughter is married to the 20th year of marriage. Both of them are active in […]

The police took out the country to the Prashant Tamang

The Indian Police has dismissed the pre-discipline action by the singer and actor, former Indian Idol Pacific Tamang. After the Indian Idol, working in a young post in Calcutta Police, has been dismissed due to long term staying. Our publicity daily, published from Sikkim, is being published by a Bangla daily and has printed an […]

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