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Nachin line, saying ‘Pink Mole’s Young Babylon’

The new song with the dance dance of actress Rekha Thapa has become public. Today, the latest song from Rajza Rani’s movie in the show has been publicized through YouTube. The public song featuring ‘Pink Molecule’ is the song of Tara Prakash Limbu, Yam Thapa, director of director and Shouta Shrestha. The video is choreography […]

On Sunday morning, a heart attack took place in Kathmandu’s chakra

At least two people have been k3ed and one injured in the accident at Triker and motorcycle in Sukkhara of Chakrapath. From the same direction, the tipper of Baipar Ba Ba B Khadash, and Ba 34, 3442 42, going to Narayanagopal Chowk, had hit the red pulsers. According to police, the deceased said. Police said. […]

After saving the life of a child who has been suffering from sickness from three, Deepak has chartered a helicopter in Kathmandu.

There has been a big change in the country. The economic growth and prosperity of the political leaders of the political parties began to hear many years. The people of the administrative area are not even tired of telling them that they have been employed in the civil service every day. However, the situation did […]

Madhya earns dream of Vinod’s dream to educate daughter-in-law

A bomb was bombarded at some time. At least 9 people were injured along with Chaudhary. During the treatment of Vinod, who was seriously injured, d3ed at Kohlpur Medical College at around 2:30 pm. During the local election, Chaudhary representative of Tulsipur-12, who was admitted to the police station, was admitted again in Tulsipur and […]

These are the youngest doctors who have been treated in the flying plane and save the lives of foreigners

Dr. Aadhaar, who returned to Egypt for a long time. Ravindra Baskota informed Kriya Mubarak that he was a physician. They urgently asked for a change of health condition of an old passenger. Dr. Ravindra immediately came to a place where he was traveling and found the situation. What happened then? Dr. This is the […]

The women who went to cut the grass in the forest showed that it was not worthless

Chitwan and Pursa have seen increasing the order to hit the central area of ​​the national park. According to the research, the locals in the intermediate region, which have increased security in order to k3i chaos due to meat greed. Special responsibility of special counting of Ganjandrumalli Sector is about 6 km from Pratappur Post […]

Me with My Dallu

A frustrated while coming back from college to home from a friday evening. Microwave, and city bus to reach home, was shut down by all. I did not have an hour walking tour. So, I was standing at the bottom of the taxi. A woman came to Aadmi. Looking forward to me smile smile. I […]

Earhquake Gone

7.6 Magnicid’s powerful earthquake has gone. Detailed details of the damage caused by earthquake have not been achieved immediately. Though human and material damage is estimated, officials have not received details. The US Geological Survey Organization (USGS) has reported 44 earthquakes east of Great Swan Island, the center of the earthquake. Hundurus’s Emergency Management Body […]

Mari Bassai New Episode

My basketball characters Kedar Ghimire (Magne Budo, Chowhaghra Dada) Sunita Gautam ‘Bijergai’ (Muiya, Magne Buda’s wife) Suraj Chapaga (brother of Bandre, Muiya) Sartar Khetel (Dharmus, Pearl of Vinegar, Vadya Shaksha, Gauu Head, Khadga Ji, Apsarco Lei, Khandan Guru, Smile Dsa, Fateouri Buddhi, Celebrate on the husband’s husband and many other characters) Kunjna Ghimire (orange, wife […]

Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it?

Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it? This Nepali woman sells ‘Chhatrapawali’ on Friday in Dubai, and now she is known as ‘Chhatrapawali’ Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it? See the whole ‘Chhatrapawali’ of Kohani

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