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Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it?

Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it? This Nepali woman sells ‘Chhatrapawali’ on Friday in Dubai, and now she is known as ‘Chhatrapawali’ Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it? See the whole ‘Chhatrapawali’ of Kohani

Now Nepal becomes Do you share the video?

If we really want to be Nepalese journalist, he should be the father of Rabi Lamichhane and the richness of the father and the top journalists of Nepal. If he is afraid of him or not, he should be afraid of the fact that the country of true Nepal and the people who are deeply […]

UML – Maoist Centre taskforce to start its works from tomorrow

Bhaktapur: The taskforce formed by the CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist Centre) in connection with the National Assembly election, the constitution of the Province Assembly and the province governments is to start its works from tomorrow. A meeting of the taskforce that was held at UML chairman KP Sharma Oli’s residence at Balkot in […]

Federalism: The first village stone, the temporary capital of the seven states, Kathmandu

It may be surprising to hear that soon, seven days will be Kathmandu’s temporary capital Kathmandu. Like the first time of federalism implementation, there will be fierce practice of federalism starting between disputes. 3 Other than the state number 6, the first meeting of the 6 Rajya Sabha constituencies has created a paradigm situation to […]

Rokha Election Commissioner postponed the demand of the president or Vice President!

Chief Commissioner of the Election Commission, Ayodhi Prasad Yadav, has delayed the publication of the results of the candidate’s proportional candidate. As constitutionally doubled, other constitutional bodies are not able to go to know, Yadav has been open to seek “respectful management”. Dr. Saheer Khan, who had tenure of 2075 AH. According to sources, the […]

Nepal has a traumatic experience of a decade-long ‘civil war

Nepal has a traumatic experience of a decade-long ‘civil war’. The violence that we witness today in Nepal has its roots in that war. Nepalis are facing physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cultural violence on everyday basis. We pay more attention to physical violence—

News from India to shatter from Darchula

Minister of State for Water and Power Amar Singh, said that the government is positive for 12 months of security personnel in the diameter of Darchula. So far, the Minister of State for Rehabilitation of Mahakali River Control and monitoring of schemes operated by the Agriculture Office, has reached Darchula, a press conference held here. […]

Nepal People Sad News

About Rs 28 billion has been spent when the Melamchi drinking water project is completed. The estimated cost of project worth Rs 17 billion was not completed due to project estimation. According to the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, till date, Rs. The financial expenditure of the project, which is 9.2 percent physical progress […]

Planed Crashed

According to the BBC, there has been no special reason for the accident. In the open space, the burning scenes of the aircraft have been burnt by some television .Biby has publicly spread the scenes of the plane and the ruins are completely destroyed. Agency See also this video

Sad News For All Nepal

Kathmandu, December 23: The current MP and academician Dr Baburam Pokharel has d3ed today, Dr. Pokharel, who was suffering from illness, was d3ed at the toilet at 6:30 am today, he said. 67-year-old Pokharel, former vice-president of the Pabbons, informed that President of Pabsons, Vijay Sambahamaf, is undergoing treatment with heart surgery. Vinayusudha (VS) Founder, […]

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