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Do these five businesses in small investment

In the past, agriculture was the main source of income of Nepal but remittance has become the main source of income. Daily thousands of youth are going abroad for job opportunities due to lack of proper opportunities in Nepal. Here is the list of some low investment business through which you can yield more than […]

Hello, hello on the road on the road by stopping the motorbike at 5 speeds without helmet! Why all

How many travels do you usually visit in motorcycles? More than two, according to the traffic rules, more than two riders can be found, but the view of 5 people wearing a motorcycle has done a wonderful event. How much would it be safe if the 1-2 climbed on the risk of riding a 5? […]

Watch This Fantastic Dance Of Rubi Rai

Here is an interesting dance video of Rubi Rai a minor aged girl. She can dance like a professional dancer. She has been unofficially compared with Teriya Magar who has already won the title of popular Indian dance show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Aaj’

Why did Nepal Ideal Concert not forget in Pokhara, why Buddha Lama blamed? (Video)

For the first time, with the winner of Nepal Idal, he has concerted the first time in Pokhara. Long ago after completing the finals of Nepal Idal financing, the winning concert in Buddha Lama, the first concert in the city, has not come to be seen. There was a lot of concerts in Pokhara on […]

How Old is Buddha Lama?

Lama has won the title of Nepal Idol, defeating his rivals Nishan Bhattarai and Pratap Das at the grand finale held in Doha, Qatar on Friday. With the title, Lama has received a cash prize of Rs 2 million along with a KUV 100 vehicle of Mahindra. Besides, he will also sign a contract of […]

Teriya Song All Over The World

Today we have special video of Dance Queen Teria Magar Live video birthday special. In this Video she is giving important information about social media and Flood victim Nepal and not only that singing heart touching song on behalf of Birthday Special occasion. Teriya Phounja Magar is a dancer from Rudrapur, Rupandehi district, Nepal. Teriya […]

21 million tonnes: one who drinks alcohol daily, earns 90 million annually

Faridabad The race called ‘Sultan’ brought in the Second Agricultural Summit being held in Faridabad Surajkund of India has taken care of everyone. This is the reason why the charming soak has become the center of attraction. The narrative that took place by Naresh Bennival of the village named Budakhkava, now happened 8 years of […]

Nepal Idol Team Concert In Pokhara

For the program, Fast Runer Up, Bhattarai, Second Runnersup Pratap Das, Excellent 8 Competitive Sandra Joshi will be concerted in Pokhara along with Buddha Lama’s winner of Nepal Idol. This is the first time the national level is to be concerted after the Grand Feet of Nepal Id. The Organizer Company, which runs from around […]

Gulmi Khukuri Dance

The Gulmi District is renowned for coffee farming. Ruru, now also known as Ridi, is a market center where many temples are situated. Maghe Sankranti and other festivals are celebrated here and are popular among both tourists and locals. Landmarks include Dhurkot’s Bichitra Cave; Resunga, with its rich biodiversity and historic value; along with the […]

Know how to manage lights in Dipawali to attract goddess Laxmi

One of the most dazzling of all Hindu festivals, Tihar is also known as the Festival of Lights. As the dates for the celebration approached I began noticing changes around town. Flickering candles and oil lamps began appearing on the stoops or were hung from the walls and ceilings of homes, stores and businesses. This […]

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