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Sita air

Manoj, who was home to Surkhet, had long been living in the Surkhik hotel Signatriodod. At times, the Airlines employees had also kept the hotel at the hotel. He celebrated Sarkhet’s 43-year-old Nirj Gurung along with some female friends in the hotel to celebrate New Year’s Sunday. According to Hotel Administration, Manoj was sitting in […]

Ballots all day long in the municipal street lights of Tarai

Electricity is shed for the end of the dark. It is a common thing but how do you feel when you hear and see the power of burning in different districts of Tarai Madhya in the night? But this is real. The municipality of Terai Madesh has been producing light for the light during the […]

Due to the winter arrangement of tea and fire from Nepal Army

At the time of heavy winter, the Nepal Army has broken five seeds of acara village in Mahotri district and has been selling wood. According to Ganpati Krishna Khadka Areai, the first rifle of Nepalese Army in Jaleshwar-9 district headquarters, in the five public places of the Eldara village, has been planted with hot tea. […]

Bethelia’s big home at the Home and Prime Minister’s Office

There are 85 percent of the recipients of sourceforce and only 15 percent are real and poor,” an official said. He helped many groups to support and they would come to the regular ministry. According to those officials of the accounting branch, those who have been created like a passenger will apply to the home […]

Bananapam happened again.

Inspector Bhaktak Shrestha of Police Police Office, Inspector Bhakt Shrestha informed that the identity and address of the woman, who was 40/45 years old, could not be opened. According to her, according to initial research, women could have been ki3led. “Only after coming to the report of the m3rder or suicide postmasters,” the report said. […]

Uttar Pradesh Chief Appointment and Agreement to set the temporary capital of the state

After all the Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba called for the appointment of Chief State and the temporary capital of the state in the meeting, all the efforts of the government have failed. The Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Center, National Janata Party and the Federal Socialist Forum, who were present at the Prime Minister’s residence […]

Three People Are teaching Girl

In a shocking incident, Three Youth allegedly tried to rape a girl which was recorded in their mobile phone has posted the video in Social Media.This incident took place at Kanigiri in Prakasam District and the incident came into lime light after the youth posting the video in Social Media. Three youth were arrested by […]

The golden vessel is cheaper than the last four months. Only 35 thousand only

The golden vessel is cheaper than the last four months. Only 35 thousand only In the same day, Prititola has been trading by Rs.500 per Friday on Friday, 54 thousand rupees. The gold, which was traded at Rs 55,000 on Thursday, had fallen to 54 thousand in Friday. Gold values have been declining continuously and […]

The motor reached the first time in Tulche village of Manang

Motorcycles within Mansul area have reached motorcycles in Tulch. Where used to go to business for the first time of old age. Even though Manang touched the motor road, the village did not reach the motor. After the motor vehicle was shifted from the village to the other side of the Masjiddi river, the road […]

If I do not have a marriage, even if I am married, I love you. He is Look down with all my details

I currently live in the woods. My special house is to be located at the west of Butwal. The same is Ahai Baba, brother-in-law, sister-in-law. My home is definitely the middle class class, because of this I am here in the wooden garden and eating a small treasure. The one who saves me only will […]

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