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How to make Selroti | Selroti Recipe | Authentic Nepali Food🍴

Sel roti is a delicacy – made mainly for the great Nepali celebration of the Dashain and Tihar festivals. It is unique to Nepal and has become an iconic symbol of Nepali culture and festivities, and is made and served throughout the country during the festivals of Dasain, Tihar and Teej; and during wedding parties, […]

Santosh Panta Daughter

society is a group of people involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Societies are characterized by patterns of relationships (social relations) between individuals who share a distinctive culture and institutions; a given society […]

Paul Shah With Pooja And Aachal

Wimbledon was seen in Kathmandu on Sunday evening. The journalist, who arrived at the front show of the movie ‘Joni Gentalman’, was seen by the protagonists of Hero Pal and heroine Aachal Sharma. In order to see the movie, the main entrepreneurs of the heroic and Ayeshman Nandraj reached the hall. Along with, heroine Puja […]

Rajeshpal Rai says Rekha Thapa I love, is likely to be “including video”

The singer, singer Rajeshpal Rai and actress Rekha Thapa are very close. The last time they have been open on Facebook and writing each other to ‘I Love You’. What is happening among them now? Sharma told the news about Rekha Thapa with Rajeshpal for Nepal News: Do you remember the meeting with the line […]

A 16-year-old viewer will not see ‘Rudrapria’ of Rakha Thapa alone in the hall

Kathmandu. A viewer of 16 years of age will be accompanied by a guardian along with the heroine and producer Rekha Thapa’s movie Rudropria. Due to the construction side given by the construction side of the pizzas due to the view of some scene, the sensor board has given PG Certificate to the film ‘Rudrapria’. […]

Tihar Important

Tihar is one of the largest festivals of Nepalis and especially Nepali Hindus. According to Nepalese Hindu culprit, the name of Kakti Krishna Tryoashhi is started on the day of Kaksh Tihar, and it is considered five days for the two-day trademarks of the Cartridge Shukla. Due to the Hindu Chand Monthly Panching date, according […]

Teria’s heavenly yummy Buddha’s Revap Gouda, is the one who carries out the way !! You should also have a share of your diet as well

Today we have special video of Dance Queen Teria Magar Live video birthday special. In this Video she is giving important information about social media and Flood victim Nepal and not only that singing heart touching song on behalf of Birthday Special occasion. Teriya Phounja Magar is a dancer from Rudrapur, Rupandehi district, Nepal. Teriya […]

Today’s horoscope Saturday

Today horoscope Vi 2074 years ago Saturday Isaiah Sai 2017 October 14. Suspect, 1939. Ordinary composer Southern Autumn Nepal will call 11 1137. Kartik Krishna Paraksha. Date – Deck, 27:44 pmAddress Unit. Nakshatra- Tiksi, 9: 57 oh. Yoga-meaningful, 26:28 pmHappy morning. Karan- Vajpayee, 16:40 pm Bhadra, 27:44 pmType: Anandadiya Mitra Yoga. Moonlight

The third largest technology of Asia is to conduct Nepal Medical Authority from today, whose owner is the donor person of Nepal. Upendra Mahato – From now on, Nepali should not go abroad for treatment

Kathmandu, October 25 Non residential Nepali Association -NREN founder president and social activist Dr. Nepal Medical Hospital has been operating 750 beds including the service of international standards made by Upendra Mahato. The hospital has been inaugurated by non-resident Nepalese day (Wednesday). The remaining non-resident Nepali Union Chairman Bal Dhe, Founder President Dr. Uppendra Mahto, […]

On the car accident, Priyanka Nikaika Rekha Thapa! The carrier truck hit this way, it is like his condition (including video)

The heroine Rekha Thapa is so busy in the release of the Nepali film made in her own marriage “Rudrapriya” on December 4. The car that was carrying those line thapa is in the accident today Today, around 12 o’clock, his car was damaged by a carrier truck and damaged the car in the car. […]

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