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Take 10 thousand rupees, without a trial pass, take the license

Take 10 thousand Rupees Take a License Without Passing Till 10 Thousands Get a License Without Passing Till 10 Thousands Let’s Get The License Without Pass Kathmandu. Take 10 thousand rupees, without a trial pass, take a license. This is the subject of the arise that is being heard at the time of the wary […]


Finding out that you are pregnant can be one of the most joyous moments of your life. Early signs of a pregnancy can include feeling bloated, cramping, nausea, breast tenderness, and food aversions. Finally, a missed or late period can be a telltale sign that you are expecting!Beyond blood tests and urine sample “pee-on–a-stick” pregnancy […]

This is where Nepal’s heavenly sky reaches the top of the chest!

Manang is one of the most beautiful place of Nepal. It is situated in the broad valley of the Marshyangdi River to the north of the Annapurna mountain range. The river flows to the east. To the west, the 5,416-metre (17,769 ft) Thorong La pass leads to Muktinath shrine and the valley of the Gandaki […]

Nepal became the first number of people following Nepal.

Why do you remember an airport? A traveler remembers the length of the airport, the face of the agent, the expensive luggage or the flight, or the delay in its lounge. When the BBC Travel questioned this question in website coverage, people would be reminded of the special experience of the airport or the experience […]

Now can not buy! Increasing the land in the Kathmandu Valley, Vadda No. 15 is the cheapest

The Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality has increased the rate of land for six years to 2074/75. The municipality has fixed a new land assessment rate of 32 Vadas in the metropolis. Municipal meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kathmandu has been revised due to fiscal year 2064/65 to 2073/74. According to the new assessment, the lowest […]

The horoscope of today is 2074. Friday.

Today horoscope Vi 2074 years ago Friday. Isaiah Saw on October 13, 2017. Suspect, 1939. Ordinary composer Southern Autumn Nepal will call 11 1137. Kartik Krishna Paraksha. Date-Ashtami, 7:51 to Nov. 29: 41 in the afternoon Constellation – Resurrected, 11:22 pmThree Trees. Natural Disaster Reduction Day. Radha Ashtami.

Anarasa Recipe | Food | Yummy Kitchen

MANGO is everyone’s favourite fruit. Homemade mango ice cream is beyond somebody’s explanation of goodness. Mango ice cream is a ice cream flavoured with ripe mangos. Homemade mango takes you to the another level of lusciousness. It is made with just 3 ingredients which makes it more better. It is not even comparable to the […]

Actress Rekha Thapa’s car accident

Actress and producer Rekha Thapa is in a car accident. The car has damaged many parts of the car due to pushing the vehicle by carrier truck at around 12 am on Wednesday. Due to an interpreter given by the TV film, returning to the Ambe apartments, the car has hit the car by truck. […]

Know the Body weight of some Nepali Movie actress

Find here some hidden facts and information about Nepali actresses. We are here with the weight of Nepali actresses. Watch here hidden information about Nepali movies actress weight. It will surprise you because usually Actresses don’t want to revel their two numbers Body weight and Age. But here is an interesting survey where you will […]

M Salah’s Late Penalty Gives Egypt First World Cup Qualification Since 1990

M Salah’s Late Penalty Gives Egypt First World Cup Qualification Since 1990M Salah’s Late Penalty Gives Egypt First World Cup Qualification Since 1990 An injury-time penalty from Liverpool’s Mo Salah ensured Egypt qualified for next year’s World Cup finals in Russia after beating Congo 2-1 on Sunday to move into an unassailable position at the […]

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