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Hinute-Anushka, who returned to Hanuman, did not leave home, interrupted the gate in the gate.

Delhi. After a couple of weeks back, the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and the pair of Bollywood heroes Anushka Sharma, are not all left with the media to kill the Gate. They were back in Delhi early in the morning. They went home near Gurgaon near Delhi soon, but they did not leave the […]

Pokhara won the all-round performance in Israr

Pokhara Reynoj has won hands in the first match of Everest Premier League (IPL) after the Pakistani player Isarar Ullah displayed the alaround. Pokhara Renes defeated Chitwan Tigers by 10 wickets in the tournament on the second day of the match on Tuesday. In his victory over Pokhara, his foreigner, Aarar Ullah, performed alarms. In […]

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