A woman who speaks badly bad words does not allow her husband to expose herself!

Datta Bhagatpur 1 9-year-old civil – 18 jayakisanasamga 13 years old, a kid’s fantasy was to wed. While still in review 8 in 2063 on January 25 he was hitched. “What is marriage? After the wedding, a couple did not understand by what means should I say, ‘he said,’ Sir, I just liquor, worked so […]

Rasuwagadhi issued a general share of one billion more shares

he Sailor Board has allowed the general share disposal of Rupees one billion rupees worth Rs. 64 million to the subsidiary of Chiwimagadi Hydropower Company, Chilime Hydropower Company. The Board has promoted the general share (IPO) removal to Rasuvagadhi Hydropower Company, promoter of Raswagadhi Hydropower Project. The company is about to extract a total of […]

festivals in Pokhara one day after joining

There are two fairs and festivals in Pokhara in the same date. The successful industrial industrial trade and second mobile fair has been started from the same press on December 27 to November, at the Pokhara Exhibition Center, New Bazaar in the project of Pokhara Industry Commerce Association. According to similar club, Amarksinhchaur of Pokhara […]

Air Asia can be prevented, due to this

The Tribhuvan International Airport has blocked Malaysia’s air-Asia flight from Monday. The airline has stopped flight by the airport due to the losses of Rs 23 million. Air Asia is flying directly from the Malaysia Mall. This is the news in Kanpur today. According to the general manager of the airport, Devwananda Upadhyay, the Airlines […]

The crowd of people who requested to take compensation for the elderly project

Sukmaiya Gurung, 35, of Gorkha Simjung, returned to Ghehelchok Surninnarar’s office of hydropower project of Budhigandand. He has gone there to present a paper with his request for the claim of the land in Fujel. Having been returning home, he said, “Land has been given to take electricity from the elderly Gandhiji, after the construction, […]

Taking Selfie

captures the mood of selfie-takers and the growing trend of clicking selfies. Selfies are viral these days regardless of the age of people. The selfie culture is gaining ground not only in the capital but also around the different corners of the country. And why

Basic development of country development

Bisor Parajuli In the present situation, mandatory necessity is to bring the new community campaign into implementation for the development and consolidation of villages. Developed countries have been prominently recognizing village central community campaign of this type. Many nations have implemented such a campaign for national unity and rapid development and have been successful. It […]

Would you like a girl to like that? Let’s know …

Every male attracts a woman with an interest and anxiety. If you want to know if a girl likes you or not like it, then consider these things. 1. If any girl likes you, she sticks her hair while speaking with you. If you use a hair to speak or speak with you when a […]

Women Like THis type of Horscope Men

Some men will always be so attractive that every woman gives their heart in their first sight. We think that exactly why this happens and every woman is in love with them. We think that they are more beautiful and attractive than ever, but in fact, this is not true, because if it is a […]

How much is the value of today? The news came

Thumb imports: Printable gold being traded at 55 thousand rupees per Thursday, today, the trade is being traded at Rs 56,200 per tonne. Similarly, the price of silver is being traded at Rs. 750 per tonne. The Federation of Nepalese Traders’ Traders today said that the value of 10 grams of gold medal worth Rs. […]

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