Uttar Pradesh Chief Appointment and Agreement to set the temporary capital of the state

After all the Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba called for the appointment of Chief State and the temporary capital of the state in the meeting, all the efforts of the government have failed. The Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Center, National Janata Party and the Federal Socialist Forum, who were present at the Prime Minister’s residence […]

Three People Are teaching Girl

In a shocking incident, Three Youth allegedly tried to rape a girl which was recorded in their mobile phone has posted the video in Social Media.This incident took place at Kanigiri in Prakasam District and the incident came into lime light after the youth posting the video in Social Media. Three youth were arrested by […]

The golden vessel is cheaper than the last four months. Only 35 thousand only

The golden vessel is cheaper than the last four months. Only 35 thousand only In the same day, Prititola has been trading by Rs.500 per Friday on Friday, 54 thousand rupees. The gold, which was traded at Rs 55,000 on Thursday, had fallen to 54 thousand in Friday. Gold values have been declining continuously and […]

Sell sales of cooking gas

Today, the seller of Morang has stopped supplying gas sales to the demand of the increase in the consumption of gas-cooking gas. The seller has opposed the shop and shut down the shop and puts the key to the district administration office in Morang. According to the Nepal Gas Gas Supply Company, the gas industry […]

The motor reached the first time in Tulche village of Manang

Motorcycles within Mansul area have reached motorcycles in Tulch. Where used to go to business for the first time of old age. Even though Manang touched the motor road, the village did not reach the motor. After the motor vehicle was shifted from the village to the other side of the Masjiddi river, the road […]

If I do not have a marriage, even if I am married, I love you. He is Look down with all my details

I currently live in the woods. My special house is to be located at the west of Butwal. The same is Ahai Baba, brother-in-law, sister-in-law. My home is definitely the middle class class, because of this I am here in the wooden garden and eating a small treasure. The one who saves me only will […]

Scorpio Jeep climbing DIG for the son of Home Minister Janardan Sharma

The police, however, have not stopped the police, but also the government, a body under the control that the minister should reach the buses for personal work. Scorpio vehicle, which has been provided to Home Minister Janardan Sharma, has made wounds for the moment, sometimes it is easy to walk in a non-flagged vehicle. On […]

Kathmandu’s new bus came from Kathmandu, news about the happiness of millions of Nepali people

The Grand International Hospital has started free consultation and health services in New Barkark, targeting the traveler and driver coming from a long journey .The hospital started collaborating with the High Court of India for the five year anniversary and has started the health care center today. With the start of service center, patients will […]

Before starting the day, everyone read their horoscope, today on Thursday, 2074 on Thursday

Aries (Che, Che, Chau, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A) – Make self-sufficient, thinking will be won. The promise given in the past will be fulfilled. An ambitious plan will be good to walk on a confidential way to implement it. There will be general benefits from livestock and land. A family can work through […]

All communist forces to become one

CPN-UML senior leader Jhalanath Khanal has said that Pushpa Lal was a common leader of the communist movement. Inaugurating the fifth annual general meeting organised by the Pushpa Lal Memorial Foundation here today, the former Prime Minister said all the communist forces should come together in order to realize the dreams of the late leader. […]

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