Interview – Jyoti Magar in Comedy Cafe

Nepali Comedy cafe is a page created just for fun and entertainment broadcasts from a popular YouTube channel Kendrabindu TV. This is the show launched especially for fun and to entertain the viewers. In this, episode too we have a very popular guest in the show, and here we have a very funny and entertaining […]

Mari Bassai New Episode

My basketball characters Kedar Ghimire (Magne Budo, Chowhaghra Dada) Sunita Gautam ‘Bijergai’ (Muiya, Magne Buda’s wife) Suraj Chapaga (brother of Bandre, Muiya) Sartar Khetel (Dharmus, Pearl of Vinegar, Vadya Shaksha, Gauu Head, Khadga Ji, Apsarco Lei, Khandan Guru, Smile Dsa, Fateouri Buddhi, Celebrate on the husband’s husband and many other characters) Kunjna Ghimire (orange, wife […]

Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it?

Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it? This Nepali woman sells ‘Chhatrapawali’ on Friday in Dubai, and now she is known as ‘Chhatrapawali’ Nepali ‘Chatteraway’ in Dubai! I say, why not sell a reputation, why you sell it? See the whole ‘Chhatrapawali’ of Kohani

Now Nepal becomes Do you share the video?

If we really want to be Nepalese journalist, he should be the father of Rabi Lamichhane and the richness of the father and the top journalists of Nepal. If he is afraid of him or not, he should be afraid of the fact that the country of true Nepal and the people who are deeply […]

UML – Maoist Centre taskforce to start its works from tomorrow

Bhaktapur: The taskforce formed by the CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist Centre) in connection with the National Assembly election, the constitution of the Province Assembly and the province governments is to start its works from tomorrow. A meeting of the taskforce that was held at UML chairman KP Sharma Oli’s residence at Balkot in […]

Priyanka, Ayushman’s PDA on Instagram

Priyanka Karki is one of the most talented and popular actress of Nepal. She has also won Miss Teen Nepal in 2005. After she won the title of miss teen, her acting career went on the top of Nepali film industry. She had also worked as a child artist in the movie Mahadevi at the […]

Federalism: The first village stone, the temporary capital of the seven states, Kathmandu

It may be surprising to hear that soon, seven days will be Kathmandu’s temporary capital Kathmandu. Like the first time of federalism implementation, there will be fierce practice of federalism starting between disputes. 3 Other than the state number 6, the first meeting of the 6 Rajya Sabha constituencies has created a paradigm situation to […]

Rokha Election Commissioner postponed the demand of the president or Vice President!

Chief Commissioner of the Election Commission, Ayodhi Prasad Yadav, has delayed the publication of the results of the candidate’s proportional candidate. As constitutionally doubled, other constitutional bodies are not able to go to know, Yadav has been open to seek “respectful management”. Dr. Saheer Khan, who had tenure of 2075 AH. According to sources, the […]

Sad news !! Therefore, ICC has banned Nepali cricket

The Nepal Cricket Association of India, the highest body of Nepali cricket, reached the worst issue of extreme political interference, lobbies on the sterling pond, the abusive game to keep them in the post. Because of this, due to dozens of cricket matches in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Nepalese player was defeated by the country. […]

50 thousand help announces visually timeless play against Paras by Paras saying ‘Go to the railway’

Rastriya Timak captain, Paras Khadka, has announced Rs 50,000 to help Nepali team-bound Nepali blind cricket team to play for Bishkek while traveling for 4 days due to jet shortage. Nepal has departed through Pakistan through a railway train on Tuesday to play an interim in one-day ODI series in Bishkek cricket in Pakistan and […]

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