Former Nepali prime minister K.P. Oli on Sunday

Former Nepali prime minister K.P. Oli on Sunday looked set for a return to power after winning his seat in parliament and his Communist UML party and Maoist allies on course to win a majority. Counting is still under way following an election on Thursday that capped a near-decade long transition to democracy from monarchy […]

Bungalow increased the attention of the youth, operating the business from modern technology

After getting better income from Bangur, the young people have begun to start bunguras commercially. Farmers, who are traditionally taking two bunguras traditionally in the village village, have now started business from organized and modern technology. After attending the bungalow business with the District Livestock Office, the attraction of youth has increased. After getting a […]

State Chief tomorrow, when the capital decides?

Kathmandu. Law Minister Yagad Bahadur Thapa said that the appointment of the seven states will be appointed from the forthcoming Council of Ministers. He said that the government plan to swear by the state MP, swearing to the Chief Minister from the Council of Ministers, on Monday, after the National Assembly election has been fixed. […]

The Murdi Police agitated that the government did not pay the allowance

They have been discovered. Chief of the district premises, Lalitpur, SSP, Chulla Rai, claimed that the government has been asked to pay the salary. He said that a sum of Rs. 52,294 with the permission of the various head of the police was given 87 rupees. The claim for the money received by the people […]

Air Force Corporation, expanding internal flight destination

The International Air Force Nepal Air Force Corporation (Nepal Airlines) will extend additional destinations to the internal flight. According to the corporation, the manpower manpower operator (pilot) management from the aircraft to add a flight to the new destination. Currently, the corporation, which is entering internal flight from two Wi-12 aircraft, is bringing two more […]

Another monster went on again, one day, in a day, 30 million watched [including videos]

Due to her stimulating body, sometimes she has been on the controversy but has again been in dispute. He has been dragged into discussions and controversy by pulling the photographs of his sensitive organs. The light itself has made these publications public through the social network. By publicizing the picture, my picture has also written […]

I was a radical Congress, because of Diwali, I have become a UML: Deepak Manangi (Permanent Video)

Manang hai, namely Deepak Manang, his real name is Rajeev Gurung, who was first known as Dunya! Deepak was also contestant from the local election. Deepak Kahan, who was seen in the media after long time, was a radical Congress, and I still love Congress. However, the difference between Sher Bahadur Deu Manangi and Manjung […]

After the actor’s nephew came without any underworld at her brother’s birthday party

The celebrated actor of Bollywood, Anak Pandey, son of Chanki Pandey, was the first day a few days. Alan Pandey, the nephew of his sister, i.e., Chanki Pandey, came to see that on the Worth Day Party. Alana came to a bold look at her brother’s birthday party, where there was an eye on all […]

China also demanded multi-year worker, family members, such as Additional Facilities

5-10-year-old worker visa application has been opened for China acquiring the world’s well-known and high-efficiency. For the visas according to the basic compound and visa process issued by the Chinese government, priority will be given to the Nobel Prize Winners, Scientists, Art Territories, the players and the contributed contribution of the world to various countries. […]

Instructions not to distribute the sale to the gas industry of the criterion

According to the Department of Quality and Measurement Weighing Corporation, today, according to Kavreplachok district, the gas industry has been operating against the criteria and not distributing the production and sale. The team led by Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, director of the department, had monitored the Sagaramatha, Sun and Chandeshwari gas industry in the district. According […]

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