Youth student debate while demanding public opinion

Young students have argued on the road while demanding public opinion of proportional proportional representation. The CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist) center have argued that the local youth and student organizations have delayed public interest in the election. On the interaction program of ‘Commission’s delay and student movement’ organized in New Baneshwar, Ram Maoyar […]

These will be the state’s office and residence

With this interest and concern, the Ministry of Urban Development has prepared a preliminary proposal for the Rajya Sabha Bhawan, Chief Minister, Chief Minister, Speaker, Minister, Rajya Sabha Hall, 6 State Secretary and permanent residence of the residence. And, a high official of the ministry, which would be made to be the basis for the […]

These are the people who bombed Gagan Thapa in a tight security area in Kathmandu, which was released in the war.

District Administration Office Kathmandu, Kathmandu, has released a rescue operation on Friday in connection with the alleged attack on Nepali Congress leader Gagan Kumar Thapa during the publication program. District Administration Office has released the accused Mahesh Nepal, Birrass Lama and Roshan Bista for the amount of Rs. 60,000. The office has arrested two people […]

Government’s decision to elect National Assembly on November 16

The government has set the election of the National Assembly member for the next August. Minister of State for Finance Gyanendra Bahadur Karki informed that the meeting of the Council of Ministers, held at Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar today, was held on the basis of the date of consultation of the Election Commission. “For […]

Beautiful country like different languages and culture will be seen by Nepal

Our country is a multilingual, multi-cultural, multi-cultural country. Where the mixed societies and communities have been living for a long time. Due to different geography and different climate, the fundamental culture and lifestyle of all communities of Nepal have been different. Due to the language and culture of different communities, there is unity in Nepal. […]

Who is Mangalam in Ferguna 4?

Movie filing means i.e. showing two movies in one date is a loss of money for the world. The movie “Early” and the second recorded film “Mangalam” is coming out in a news release on February 4. On the back foot, Chakka Panja and Mangalam were going to show together. However, Mangalam gave priority to […]

The mountains are covered by winter, and the birds enter Nepal

Ratnagar, Chitwan- Various species of birds have been trapped in Nepal by mountainous hills to winter. According to Dr. Hemasagar Baral, President of the Scientist and Birdwoman Association of Nepal, many birds have gone to Nepal to cover winter by passing the mountains and mountains. In mainly Tibet regions, there are minus degrees degree in […]

Transfer of Merdakhola’s home to the home community

The main source of water here is three local houses constructed in the Meridakhola area transferred to the local community. In the head of Pokhara Industry Commerce Association, newly elected member of the assembly assembly, Ramji Baral, built in the mouth of Sading, Santati and Khara, handed over to the local consumer committee on Friday. […]

Police unit set up in the border

According to Nuwakot police chief, Vasant Bahadur Kunwar, the police station was operating in a police station from Gujbbhangjing in Shivpuri village -6 Samadradeevi under the establishment of temporary police unit. According to the meeting of the District Security Committee on December 9, the establishment of a temporary police unit has decided that seven police […]

Demand to take local level earthquake victims

The newly elected representative has said that the government should add the second installment of the government for the earthquake. The victims slowly delayed the construction of the earthquake-affected home, where and how to make it. Some of the first installations have not begun. Many of the initiatives, as well as the reason of worker’s […]

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