Taking Selfie

captures the mood of selfie-takers and the growing trend of clicking selfies. Selfies are viral these days regardless of the age of people. The selfie culture is gaining ground not only in the capital but also around the different corners of the country. And why

Basic development of country development

Bisor Parajuli In the present situation, mandatory necessity is to bring the new community campaign into implementation for the development and consolidation of villages. Developed countries have been prominently recognizing village central community campaign of this type. Many nations have implemented such a campaign for national unity and rapid development and have been successful. It […]

Would you like a girl to like that? Let’s know …

Every male attracts a woman with an interest and anxiety. If you want to know if a girl likes you or not like it, then consider these things. 1. If any girl likes you, she sticks her hair while speaking with you. If you use a hair to speak or speak with you when a […]

Women Like THis type of Horscope Men

Some men will always be so attractive that every woman gives their heart in their first sight. We think that exactly why this happens and every woman is in love with them. We think that they are more beautiful and attractive than ever, but in fact, this is not true, because if it is a […]

How much is the value of today? The news came

Thumb imports: Printable gold being traded at 55 thousand rupees per Thursday, today, the trade is being traded at Rs 56,200 per tonne. Similarly, the price of silver is being traded at Rs. 750 per tonne. The Federation of Nepalese Traders’ Traders today said that the value of 10 grams of gold medal worth Rs. […]

The Nepali chelyy giving employment to two dozen youths in Korea is real to all of them surprisingly

Among those renowned women, Ruby M. Gordin, Elin Davo, Selma Williamson, Tejiana Diaring Aid, with their respective work done by her respective community, region and nation, I am getting a dream that she should not try to become even though she can not become her, but she has not achieved the dream of success. I […]

With Susma Karki Interview

Sushma Karki, who has been found in Nepali film world, has been present alone. She is alone with the love of Narain Shahi of Karki, who has not made the body of sexy women who do not have to go back to bed in the movie. Kakki and Naren, who lived together for the past […]

Interview with Actress Rai

In the graphic area, the advent of the new artist is increasing. There is a lot of heroes going beyond the age of 16/17 years. Earlier, the art of acting in some music videos has been in a hurry with the objective of being Rai Hiroin. Romantic Conversation with the Art of Music: ‘Munchunga’

The absolute legal obstacle to remove face-to-face from the pain

Bee oil is obtained from black sesame or sesame. It can easily be removed if the face on the face, the white or the stain, black dough, etc. Additionally, the steps below can be used regularly for the healing of acne as well. On the face or the stomach comes Cumin seeds, seeds of cumin […]

That night you want it! When he was surprised and started crying – this story of story!

The bride was placed inside the carriage of the bride on the day of departure. I also went to the car with him. Some of his friends from outside, Isha, who were waiting for him, was waiting for him. But she was wondering about me and I was forced to cry too much, but my […]

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